ORCHA or Orchestrated Achievements is an upper Midwest Organizational Development (OD) and Organizational Effectiveness (OE) company. We would like to help you orchestrate your employees' achievements. ORCHA will help you analyze your strategy, align your moving parts, assess your employee potential, spotlight your solution, and assist you in implementing the solution.

Our Methodology
ORHCA leverages OD and OE experience gained in small, medium and large publicly and privately owned companies across the country. ORCHA works within a company's culture, tradition and historical achievement presence to help drive greater bottom-line results. Most companies know they need something -- development, analysis, strategy, better selection of new hires, better retention of current employees -- but competition can be fierce and every new work day presents its own challenges. Its hard to isolate enough time and resources to filter out the problems(s), or even all the opportunities, and then develop and implement a solution. Contact us. We can help you.

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