ORCHA exists to help our clients reach potential that they know they have, but need assistance to realize. We believe that client companies have gotten to where they are because someone had a vision of products/services that their customers would want and/or need. Our clients executed that vision and we respect their achievements.

Each of our clients has reached their current level of growth by paying attention to detail, studying the market, establishing a culture driven by values they consider important, and by building teams and managing performance. But, in the speed of growth, or the uncertainty of change, or the exhaustion of maintenance under fierce competition -- or simply under the drift of day to day execution while trying to keep all the balls in the air -- our clients, like any and every company, may need a hand in achieving results at the levels they desire.

Our approach is not the same with each client. Because of the individual nature of the make-up and culture of each company, there really is no such thing as a 'typical' approach, or 'typical' results from any approach. The approach we take is one of respect for the individual company culture and a need to understand from the client what it is the client needs from us, why they need it, and how we may assist them to get it.

We think that, just because a client needs help, does not mean the client doesn't know what is best for them and how we, the consultant should proceed. Partnering with the client is essential. We prefer to be collaborative in our diagnosis rather than directive or simply prescriptive. Implementing solutions side by side ensures that our expertise will have its best chance of success if our clients are helping us spot the speed bumps (or roadblocks) and ease around the natural resistance to change.
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